Funding & Financing

Search our database and identify the financial resources you need for your project in DC.

There are numerous incentives to fund and finance your energy efficiency projects. This database provides an overview of the major programs so you can make your project a reality.

USGBC MD, NCR, and VA: Government Decarbonization Summit

The Inflation Reduction Act is a historic down payment on deficit reduction to fight inflation, invest in domestic energy production.

Pathways to Net Zero

What DC is Doing to Drive Through Regulatory Complexity in Sustainability

BEPS Training Series

Learn about the District’s Building Energy Performance Standards program timelines, requirements and compliance pathways.

Additional Support

The Building Innovation Hub's Success with BEPS program provides light consulting on policy compliance and recommends next steps to building

2023 Montgomery County Energy Summit

Reconnect with your colleagues and learn about strategies and programs to support your energy efficient projects.

DC’s Building Energy Law Promotes Small Business and Job Opportunities

MD Energy Advisors' Co-Founder Paul Clary chats about the different opportunities that Washington, D.C.'s BEPS can offer.

Reverb Apartment in Shaw, Washington, D.C.

BEPS Seminar Series

Success with BEPS Cycle I: A Two-Part Series

Regenerative Transformation for DC’s Real Estate Sector

Local Policy and Climate Change Rulemaking Roll Out: An Urgent and Actionable Proposition for Building Impact

Greenbuild 2023 – Washington, DC

At Greenbuild, industry leaders gather to develop the next generation of sustainable standards to create a better future for everyone.

Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit

Explore emerging technologies and share innovative strategies in energy efficiency, decarbonization, water, and waste reduction.

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