DesignDC 2021: Reboot & Rebound

DesignDC 2021: Reboot and Rebound, will take place virtually on September 21 & 22. In-person tours will take place on September 23. 




09/21/2021 09/23/2021


Online and in-person



$155 for members

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Meeting the challenges of climate change, a regional housing crisis, and a strained economy has never been more urgent. To Reboot and Rebound, architects and designers have a unique and important role in shaping the future of the region.

DesignDC 2021 will give attendees the tools and solutions they need for comprehensive design strategies that integrate all aspects of resiliency to bring back the built environment stronger than ever. Join us to discover:

  • Strategies for renewal to remedy the region’s social and economic challenges as we emerge from Covid-19
  • Sustainable and equitable solutions to accommodate the District’s projected population growth while maintaining quality and affordability for those who need it most
  • Strengthening existing neighborhoods and Main Streets to be vibrant and walkable
  • Support of the Mayor’s plan to provide 36,000 new housing units by 2025, distributed through all eight wards, with 12,000 new or preserved affordable units
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