Funding & Financing

Search our database and identify the financial resources you need for your project in DC.

There are numerous incentives to fund and finance your energy efficiency projects. This database provides an overview of the major programs so you can make your project a reality.


Matching DC building owners and property managers to small-, minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses in DC that specialize in energy

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Energy Audit Scopes of Work

To support you as you navigate Building Energy Performance Standards compliance, the Hub has created two sample Energy Audit scopes

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Request the High-Road Contracting Toolkit

These documents lay out elements of best practices for building owners to design their own high-road contracting standards and sample

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Owner Project Submission Form

Submit your project to a pool of energy experts

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Vendor Application

Complete the Applicant Intake Form to be included in our database.

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Service Procurement Guide

Step 9. Verify Performance

Validate that your building's energy efficiency or other variable has improved using a third party review.

Step 7. Write the Right Contract

Get guidance on writing a strong contract for energy efficiency and high-performance building work.

Step 6. Select the Right Vendor

Learn how to the best value for your building project investment by choosing the right vendor.

Step 5. Bid the Job

How to send your building energy efficiency or operational improvement project proposal to the right vendors

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