Building-to-Vendor Matchmaking

Connect building projects to local expertise.



A core purpose of the Building Innovation Hub is to connect building owners and operators with service providers and contractors to make it easier to achieve building performance goals. To ensure that business opportunities receive wider distribution and allow a greater pool of contractors to bid, the Hub is setting up a simple email distribution matching system to distribute project opportunities to local service providers and contractors.

Building owners and property managers can use the Hub list to help distribute project opportunities. Local service providers and contractors can sign up to stay notified of opportunities as they arise.

This service aims to make it easier for building owners and operators to go beyond their usual contractor pool to reach a more diverse set of contractors. The Hub will not participate in the evaluation process or make any guarantees related to the bids.

The Hub seeks to build its pool of interested contractors through the duration of 2020. We will begin accepting project opportunities for distribution in 2021.

Are you a vendor wanting to join our distribution list? Or a building owner who would like to be notified when our matchmaking service launches? Fill out the form below and we will share project opportunities as we receive them.

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