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Do you own, manage, or report data for a building in the District that is over 25,000 square feet? Then join the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and the Building Innovation Hub to learn more about the upcoming third-party verification requirements for all covered buildings that are required to benchmark.

Third-party verification is the process of having an entity with no relationship to either the building owner/manager or benchmarking reporter review property data to identify and correct any gaps or errors in the property’s benchmarking reports. This webinar will go over the third-party verification requirements including who can be an approved verifier, what data needs to be verified, and how to report that verification to DOEE.

The Building Innovation Hub will present a sample Third-Party Benchmarking Data Verifier scope of work (SOW), which was designed to support you as you navigate data verification compliance. Additionally, the Hub will present on their Find-a-vendor portal, which helps connect building owners and operators with service providers.

DOEE recommends reading through the third-party verification FAQs prior to the webinar to get familiar with the upcoming requirement.

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