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The first deadline for buildings that do not meet the DC 2021 Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) is approaching on April 3, 2023.

Compliance with BEPS Resources

A quick guide for what's due by April 3, 2023.

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DC's Building Energy Performance Standards

A high-level overview of DC's BEPS, including FAQs.
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The Latest

Introducing Mary Thomas and Yolanda Bonner

New Hub team members Mary Thomas and Yolanda Bonner share their background and ambitions for the Hub.

DC’s Building Energy Law Promotes Small Business and Job Opportunities

MD Energy Advisors' Co-Founder Paul Clary chats about the different opportunities that Washington, D.C.'s BEPS can offer.

Reverb Apartment in Shaw, Washington, D.C.

What’s Next for the Building Innovation Hub

Theresa Backhus, the new Director of the Hub, lays out her vision

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