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See the top ENERGY STAR-scoring buildings in DC.

The District’s real estate community has produced some of the country’s most sustainable buildings, and will continue to model what’s possible. These leaderboards showcase the highest performing buildings in the District by property type, and just as importantly, which market leaders own and operate them.

Using publically available data and information from private industry, the Hub’s team has identified which buildings and which companies lead in performance based on their ENERGY STAR score. This information will be updated annually, or more frequently, as required.

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ENERGY STAR ScoreProperty nameAddressWardYear builtGross floor areaBuilding classBuilding ownerProperty manager
1001120 Vermont Avenue NW1120 Vermont Avenue NW21981528,536BS. C. Herman & AssociatesS. C. Herman & Associates
99Portals II445 12th Street SW61998652,702ARepublic PropertiesRepublic Properties
99601 Penn - Commercial601 PENNSYLVANIA Avenue NW21984196,097ASaul CentersAvison Young
99425 EYE425 I Street NW61973376,559ASaban Capital Group
98Two Independence Square300 E Street SW61991627,655AOcean West Capital Partners
9610 G10 G Street NE61997280,169BAmerican Psychological AssociationCushman & Wakefield
951101 14th street1101 14TH Street NW21981156,467BTA RealtyJones Lang LaSalle
95City Building - 1612 K Street1612 K Street NW2195879,495BModell's Sporting GoodsEthan Grossman Engineering
94American Society for Microbiology1752 N Street NW2189594, 580BAmerican Society for Microbiology
94Resources for the Future Inc./Resources and Conservation Center LLC1400 16TH Street NW21959273,886ACTIAStout & Teague
941625 K Street1625 K Street NW21941125,632BZuckerman GravelyJones Lang LaSalle
931330 Connecticut Ave NW1330 Connecticut Ave NW21984335,991ABoston PropertiesTranswestern
93American Society of Hematology2021 L Street NW2196981,032AAmerican Society of Hematology
92FERC888 1st St NE61995558,620AGreenbaum & Rose Associates
91999 North Capitol Street NE999 North Capitol Street NE61973321,544ANetwork Realty PartnersCushman & Wakefield
ENERGY STAR ScoreProperty NameAddressWardYear BuiltGross Floor AreaBuilding ClassOwnerManager
1001120 Vermont Ave NW1120 Vermont Ave NW21981528,536BS.C. Herman & AssociatesS.C. Herman & Associates
9610 G 10 G Street NW 61997280,169BEtzion, RafaelJones Lang LaSalle
951101 14tH Street1101 14th St NW 2198115,467BAmerican Psychological AssociationCushman & Wakefield
95City Building - 1612 K Street1612 K Street2195879,495BHealthcare Realty Trust
94American Society for Microbiology1752 N Street NW2189594,589BTA RealtyJones Lang LaSalle
941625 K Street 1625 K Street NW21941125,632BModell's Sporting GoodsEthan Grossman Engineering
911411 K Street1411 K Street2195979,848BAmerican Society for Microbiology
911012 14th Street Northwest1012 14th Street NW2195488,717BZuckerman GravelyJones Lang LaSalle
901801 Pennsylvania Avenue, LLC818 18th Street NW21991227,440BTA RealtyJones Lang LaSalle
901819 L Street1819 L Street NW2 1982 52,873 B Zuckerman Gravely Jones Lang LaSalle
891145 19th Street NW 1145 19th Street NW 2 1955 184,876 B K & M Properties Summit Commercial Real Estate
89Benjamin T. Rome 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW 2 1961 61,077 B Sasakawa Peace Foundation J Street Companies
881000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW 1000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW 21981 154,807 B RMR Group, The Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty
87American Chemical Society - 1550 Building 1550 M Street NW 2 1988 85,277 B Johns Hopkins University
87Georgetown Plaza 2233 Wisconsin Avenue NW 3 1964 186,201 B Altus Realty CBRE
ENERGY STAR ScoreProperty NameAddressWardYear BuiltGross Floor AreaBuilding ClassOwnerManager
951612 K Street, NW 1612 K Street, NW 2 1958 79,495 B Healthcare Realty Trust
94 1616 P Street NW 1400 16th Street NW 2 1959 273,886 B Etzion, Rafael Jones Lang LaSalle
94American Society for Microbiology1752 N Street NW 2 1895 94,580 B TA Realty Jones Lang LaSalle
941625 K Street NW 1625 K Street NW 2 1941 125,632 ACTIAStout & Teague
93 2021 L Street 2021 L Street NW21969 81,032BAmerican Society for Microbiology
921001 Connecticut Avenue Northwest1009 Connecticut Avenue NW21953 166,407
91900 17th Street NW900 17th Street NW21962 160,109AAmerican Society of Hematology
911411 K Street NW1411 K Street NW21959 79,848ADouglas DevelopmentCBRE
911012 14th Street Northwest1012 14th Street NW21954 88,717BZuckerman GravelyJones Lang LaSalle
911424 K Street NW DC1422 K Street NW21910 51,400
911291 Taylor Street, NW1291 Taylor Street NW41959 88,630
901717 H St. NW1717 H Street NW21955 317,809BZuckerman GravelyJones Lang LaSalle
901401 K Street NW1401 K Street NW21929 129,594ARMR GroupNewmark
90717 14th Street, NW703 14th Street NW21927 124,368
891025 Connecticut Ave. NW1027 Connecticut Avenue NW21967 351,106
ENERGY STAR ScoreProperty NameAddressWardYear BuiltGross Floor AreaBuilding ClassOwnerManager
1001120 Vermont Avenue NW1120 Vermont Avenue NW21981 528,536BS. C. Herman & AssociatesS. C. Herman & Associates
99Portals II445 12th Street SW61998 652,702ARepublic PropertiesRepublic Properties
98Two Independence Square300 E Street SW61991 627,655AOcean West Capital Partners
92FERC888 1st Street NE61995 558,620 AGreenebaum & Rose Associates
91Washington Center1001 G Street NW21989 572,930 AQuadrangleNewmark
89HGIT1015 Half Street SE62011 440,937AClarion PartnersCushman & Wakefield
89Midtown Center1100 15th Street NW22017 911,341A+Carr PropertiesCarr Properties
881615 L Street1615 L Street NW21984 497,894ACarr PropertiesJones Lang LaSalle
871200 K Street1200 K Street NW21991 429,455BPotomac Investment Properties
87Potomac Center South550 12th Street SW62002 443,078AWorld Wildlife FundJones Lang LaSalle
85Two Constitution Square145 N Street NE62010 623,532ANorthwestern Mutual Real Estate
85Market Square - 701701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW21991 451,862A+Columbia Property TrustJones Lang LaSalle
84200 I Street Municipal Building200 I Street SE61950 440,069AStonebridge Associates
84901 New York Avenue901 New York Avenue NW22004 604,549A+Nuveen Real EstateJones Lang LaSalle
84Portals III1201 Maryland Avenue SW62006 518,049ABeacon Capital PartnersCushman & Wakefield
ENERGY STAR ScoreProperty NameAddressWardYear BuiltGross Floor AreaBuilding UnitsOwnerManager
100Tyler House Associates1200 North Capitol Street NW61969 325,98473Adams Investment GroupBarkan Management
100Park Ellison Apartments1700 Harvard Street NW1195477,386133Bush CompaniesW.H.H. Trice & Company
99The William Penn Apartments2231 California Street NW21943 61,258173Dreyfuss ManagementDreyfuss Management
98Willow and Maple6918 Willow Street NW42016 100,245211TA RealtyGreystar Management
98Slowe Hall1919 3rd Street NW11941 85,067116Bernstein ManagementBernstein Management
972000 Connecticut2000 Connecticut Avenue NW21936120,000231Borger ManagementBorger Management
96The Lockwood1339 E Street SE62019 142,53872Parreco, James T.Borger Management
96The Windermere1825 New Hampshire Avenue NW21927 74,360429William C. Smith & CompanyWC Smith
96The Phoenix1421 Massachusetts Avenue NW21936 73,800143Infinity Real EstateDaro Management Services
96Berkshire 152011 15th Street NW12016 82,60796Holladay CorporationSteelhead Management
95Shawmut Apartments2200 19th Street NW11923 73,18883Landex CompaniesWinn Residential
953003 Van Ness3003 Van Ness Street NW31970 912,615160Coyne Family TrustCommunity Realty Company
952901 Connecticut Avenue NW2901 Connecticut Avenue NW31924 69,32972Gelman CompanyGelman Company
94St. Stephens4000 Benning Road NE72017 59,64394William C. Smith & CompanyWC Smith
94The Promenade1884 Columbia Road NW11965 206,478603JBG Smith PropertiesJBG Smith Properties
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