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DPR: On the front lines of better buildings

Interview with Hub member DPR Construction

DPR Reston VA office interior common space

Event Takeaways: Opportunities and Risks for BEPS

How can architects and engineers manage the risks, while simultaneously positioning themselves for the opportunities, of BEPS?

Event Takeaways: What Will It Take? Constructing Carbon-Free Buildings

5 takeaways from our panel on constructing carbon-free buildings

Constructing Carbon-free Buildings

Opportunities and Risks for BEPS

This resource explores how the District’s Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS), which regulate energy use in existing buildings, will affect

Outdoor restaurants and residential buildings in the background

What Will It Take? Constructing Carbon-Free Buildings

This online panel discussion explores the critical role that construction plays in halting global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Constructing Carbon-free Buildings

Building Commissioning Guidelines

This guide offers an overview of commissioning, project team roles, and how to comply with District requirements.

Photo of building rooftops with green roofs

Building Envelope Commissioning

Get the basics on building envelope commissioning in DC.

Two men at building construction site.

Where DC’s Building Code Meets BEPS

Learn how DC's Building Energy Performance Standards for existing buildings overlaps with DC Energy Conservation Code for new buildings.

Solar panel installation

General Contractor’s Playbook

General contractors can help building owners meet their project performance targets and budget goals.

Three men working at construction site.

High-Road Contracting

Overview of ways to make procurement a more diverse and inclusive process supporting small businesses and historically disadvantaged businesses.

Man working at construction site with crane in the background.
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