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Building Decarb Tech Series: Very High Efficiency HVAC




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Building Energy Resource Hub and Illinois Green

Join the Building Energy Resource Hub on Sep. 7 for a webinar primer on ComEd’s Very High Efficiency (VHE) HVAC pilot featuring a case study example of this retrofit at Unity Temple in Oak Park (mentioned in the Chicago Tribune!).

HVAC uses more than half the energy in commercial buildings, making it a #1 target for anyone serious about reducing energy bills, improving ventilation and indoor air quality, and reducing emissions. Very High Efficiency Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (VHE HVAC) provides all of these benefits and it is an excellent option for electrification as it eliminates natural gas without increasing electricity use or demand.

During this virtual session and optional, in-person tour, attendees will learn about the application of VHE HVAC pilot to replace an original 1957 natural gas steam boiler and multiple air conditioning systems. Project team members will discuss the challenges to design a system that could provide even temperatures and full ventilation to all parts of the building and meet the environmental goals of the Temple. The project team will also share their experience incorporating an energy recovery system into the ventilation system, allowing 100%, highly filtered outside air to be brought in and give Temple occupants fresh air for the first time in decades.



Learn more about Very High-Efficiency HVAC

VHE HVAC is a performance-based, technical specification that optimizes the entire HVAC system. Individual components include high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, extremely high-performance heat or energy recovery, a dedicated outdoor air system, advanced filtration, and airflow segregation that limits the spread of contaminants. Critical design specifications ensure that these components work together to deliver maximum performance. The specification can be met with equipment that is widely available and fully commercialized. Because VHE HVAC reduces peak demand, there is no need for costly electrical service upgrades that often make electrification projects economically unfeasible.

For more information about VHE HVAC and how it can save you money and improve your occupants’ health and comfort, contact or

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