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DC Benchmarking and Third-Party Data Verification Series


05/06 - 05/07/2024



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In light of the delay of the Benchmarking and Third-Party Data Verification deadlines from April 1, 2024 to July 1, 2024 DOEE has created a series of webinars to help increase your understanding of the third-party verification requirements and clarify best practices. Please review the descriptions to see which one of these webinars best fits your needs.

Session 1: Overview of Third-Party Data Verification | April 25th, 12-1pm

Do you own, manage, or report data for a building in the District that is over 25,000 square feet? Then join the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) to learn more about the upcoming third-party verification requirements for all covered buildings that are required to benchmark.

Third-party verification is the process of having an entity with no relationship to either the building owner/manager or benchmarking reporter review property data to identify and correct any gaps or errors in the property’s benchmarking reports. This webinar will go over the third-party verification requirements including who can be an approved verifier, what data needs to be verified, and how to report that verification to DOEE.

Session 2: Preparing for Third- Party Data Verification as a Building Owner/Manager | May 6th; 6-7 pm

Once you are familiar with the basics of third-party data verification, as a building owner or manager you will need to provide relevant CY2023 benchmarking documentation for the verifier’s review. It is critical that you provide complete information and are ready to respond to verifier requests for information for substantiating documentation. This webinar will go over some benchmarking basics, documentation collection and retention, addressing and correcting mistakes, and will generally get building owners, managers, and benchmarkers up to speed on how to make the third-party verification process as smooth as possible.

Session 3: Best Practices and Common Errors When Verifying Benchmarking Data | May 7th; 12-1 pm

This session focuses on common errors found in benchmarking submissions that may be encountered by third-party verifiers during their reviews. DOEE will share best practices for verifiers to identify, resolve, and correct inaccurate submissions while maintaining the status of an independent third-party. This session will be beneficial for individuals who are completing third-party verifications.

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