Workforce Skill Development for a Smart Building Future

Learn about the latest in smart building technologies and initiatives in the U.S.


24/08 08/25/2021






Creating and maintaining a building environment that is healthy, comfortable, and productive for occupants has always been challenging. That challenge is growing exponentially today as building systems become more sophisticated and employee expectations for their indoor environment become a critical component of talent acquisition and retention. These challenges are creating need for new skills and abilities for all who bear the responsibility for making buildings work better. Leading building owner/manager organizations and the Biden administration’s Better Buildings program effort are focusing on the issue of workforce development. This session will bring practitioners from the front lines of workforce development to talk about how training programs are addressing this need from entry-level to on-the-job training and how these programs open the door to a more diversified workforce in this important area.

Panelists include:

  • Melanie Danuser, Smart Buildings Center,
  • Lindsey Falasca, Building Innovation Hub,
  • Madeline Salzman, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Diane Levine, IFMA Foundation, Moderator
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