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Solar and Sustainability in the District: Exploring Opportunities for Solar Investment and Development in DC


06/29 - 06/29/2022





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BISNOW and New Columbia Solar

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Wednesday June 29 2022 | 12:00 PM EDT

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding deal structures, revenue streams, and market/policy context for integrating solar
  • Deal structures, revenue streams, and processes of going solar
  • How CRE stakeholders can leverage solar energy as a tool to comply with BEPS and meet ESG goals.
  • How to position a CRE business strategy to capitalize on non-market pressures and influences, including regulator and investor considerations/incentives

Who You’ll Hear From

Top developers, investors, policy-makers, and thought leaders ahead of the curve in solar installation and integration in DC. 

How You’ll Do More Business

Going green and using renewable, sustainable energy is no longer a luxury — it’s policy, as well as an expectation from top office tenants, residents, and more. This two-panel webinar will first explore the why and how behind solar, as well as exploring the economic drivers and incentives to help you make the green move.

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