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The NZE Coalition Map Making Party

Join us to map the future of the National Capital Region's sustainable building transformation.



11/16 - 11/16/2023


2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Rooftop Amenity Space





Hosted By

DMV Net Zero Energy Building Coalition

Join us on the rooftop of the VMDO DC office for food, drinks, conversation and collaboration. During the evening you will have an opportunity to participate in mapping the work ahead for the sustainable building movement.

Q: Why are we hosting a map making party?

A: Because we are in uncharted territory of deep and pervasive building decarbonization work.

The urgency of creating an equitable zero-carbon community is challenging the local building industry to work in new ways with new technologies within new political and economic conditions. Creating a map of this new operating environment is the first step to reveal the paths and obstacles ahead for this work.By combining each of our different vantage points and perspectives on this map we can create a more complete view of the landscape. Once we have this map of the enabling conditions, organizations, and roles contributing to our collective work we can move forward better aligned towards achieving a truly sustainable national capital built environment.


5-6pm: Making the Map – Take a break from saying hi to your peers and sit down at one of the ‘Collaboration Stations’ to help populate the map. A facilitator will help you write down your ideas on the political, economic, social and physical factors that contribute to creating sustainable buildings. Then add in layers for the organizations and companies that are working on those factors, the professional roles associated with them, and the people that are filling those roles. Don’t forget to put your own name on the map!

6-7pm: Charting the Course – With the map complete we can now vote on the best path forward to creating an equitable carbon-free National Capital Region. Rank each of the factors we need to create sustainable buildings based on their urgency and importance. Then rank them on if they are 1) a success we can scale or 2)a weakness we can strengthen. From there we will connect the organization, roles, and people that can tackle the most urgent and important issues for our community.

7-8pm: Providing Directions – Finally we will take our map and create the actionable directions we need to accelerate progress on equitable decarbonization of our local built environment. Who needs to work together within which organizations to tackle which top priority issue? This work will inform the strategic plan for how the NZE Coalition will engage with other local community organizations to provide further programs, events, education, and more for our local community in the years to come.

The Hub and Coalition are partnering on this event to help you amplify the impact of your individual work by aligning it with the work of your local colleagues. Join us on Nov. 16th to put your role, your organization, and your work on the map.

Thank you to our event sponsor Mid-Atlantic AeroBarrier, gracious hosts VMDO DC, and co-hosts The Building Innovation Hub!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller
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