Where DC's Building Codes Meet BEPS

Learn how the District's Building Energy Performance Standards overlay with Building Codes, and how they could impact your work.



09/11 11/09/2021





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Building Innovation Hub

How might a building built to DC’s Energy Conservation Code fare with respect to the Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS)? Come to this webinar to learn the differences and similarities as well as the perceived challenges and opportunities between the BEPS and Code. We’ll outline permitting, design, construction, and commissioning considerations, and highlight tools and resources common to both DC Code and the BEPS. This detailed, technical session is designed for engineers and building design practitioners.


  1. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge to identify major differences and alignments between BEPS and DC Building Code, and know where to look for more information on specifics.
  2. Participants will understand the key building components, factors, milestones, and players that are affected by BEPS specifics and how their day-to-day code compliance work may change.


  • Kim Cheslak, Director of Codes, New Buildings Institute
  • Erin Beddingfield, Associate Director of Codes and Policy, New Buildings Institute
  • Theresa Backhus, Associate Director, Building Innovation Hub

Be sure to visit our Regulation Basics webpages where you can preview some of the topics we’ll be covering in detail.

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