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Theresa Backhus Becomes New DC Hub Director

Lindsey Falasca becomes White House CEQ Director for Net Zero Federal Buildings

By Lindsey Falasca

August is usually a quiet one for the Hub, but this time we have big news to share. The White House recognizes that building performance is critical to addressing climate change, health, and our economy. In order to maximize its impact, it will often times leverage its networks in the public and institutional sectors to find individuals to support their ambitious climate goals. To that end, I’m thrilled to share that I have been selected to serve as Director for Net Zero Federal Buildings at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Over the next year, I’ll be working to transform how the Federal Government builds, buys, and manages its buildings, energy, and operations, leveraging Federal leadership as a catalyst for achieving net zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.

I’m excited to take the lessons I’ve learned here in DC and apply them at the national scale. This announcement is somewhat bittersweet as it means I’ll be leaving the Hub. I’ve truly enjoyed building and growing the Hub in partnership with all of you. The work that we’ve done here at the Hub was accomplished through our relationships and interactions with you, I’m incredibly appreciative of that camaraderie.

In other good news, the Hub’s very own Theresa Backhus will take the helm as the new Director of the Hub. Her guidance and wisdom has been immensely valuable to me so far, and I am confident she is the right person to take the Hub into its next phase of development. The Associate Director position is now open, so please share with your networks. She’ll also soon be posting a second position at the Hub, so be on the lookout for that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work alongside you all as we push for better buildings and a better future.

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