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Step 7. Write the Right Contract

Get guidance on crafting a building performance contract.

What is this?

The contract defines the terms and conditions of the project and codifies the expectations. Contracts, however, do not typically include high-road contracting provisions or guarantees and warranties for energy efficiency targets,; therefore you may need to customize the contracts to include these goals.

Key contract provisions

Standard terms and conditions include:

  • A detailed scope of work
  • Equipment specifications and warranties
  • Terms of the contract
  • Cost and payment schedules
  • Owner responsibilities
  • Contractor and subcontractor requirements
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Bond payment
  • Legal provisions

All related project documents

High-road provisions

A responsible contractor policy is a set of enforceable specifications adopted by the building owner/employer that are incorporated into a contract. Responsible contractor standards (see Step 6: Select the Right Vendor) are intended to supplement existing contractor qualification and performance standards required by law, or typical project requirements.

Where to learn more

See our high-road contracting resource, which includes ways to include social and equity priorities in your scope of work.

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