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Program summary

Navigator, a pre-development energy loan, is a simple, unsecured line of credit that funds the customized design of energy improvements by allowing building owners to get a jump-start on planning for energy-efficient upgrades. This product is for new and existing:

  • Affordable and market-rate multifamily housing (which may be mixed-use properties)
  • Commercial offices
  • Properties owned by community-based nonprofit organizations, including houses of worship

Applicable building size

Multifamily housing properties must have five (5) or more residential units.


Navigator supports well-designed energy savings projects, including energy audits, benchmarking, green charrettes, design, engineering, bidding work, and/or other reasonable energy-related design and financing costs for renewable and energy efficiency projects.


Incentive/funding details. The loan provides attractive interest rates.

  • Income eligible & non-profit properties: 1.99%
  • Market rate properties: 3.99%

There is a 2% up front fee that can be rolled into the loan. The property owner must be able to provide 25% of the total project cost and DC Green Bank will finance the remaining 75%.
Contract structure. 100% financing, no additional debt on the property, and available loan terms of up to 12 years.
Amount (max, min, average). $10,000 to $250,000 per project. Higher amounts may be considered based on funding availability and borrower financials.
Simple payback. There is a single balloon payment at the end of the contract term or at the closing of permanent financing.
Taxes and balances. Owner must provide 24 months of financial statements.

Pairing with other sources. Navigator loans can be a great incentive to start larger sustainability projects and can take into consideration DC Green Bank’s other product offerings.


  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Once a property owner has determined their building is in need of performance upgrades, they can apply for Navigator. Specific information about the project will need to be provided, but the DC Green Bank will assist in outlining the requirements.
  • Level of effort required. Moderate. There are requirements, but the DC Green Bank is committed to making the process relatively easy to feed larger projects.
  • Length of time to receive funding. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Contractor requirements. N/A

Additional information

  • Advantages. This is a good resource for initial funding, especially if a building owner is still figuring out what improvements need to be made to a property. Utilizing Navigator can also open the door for future, longer-term investments from the DC Green Bank.  The disadvantage is the property owner must be able to fund or secure financing for 25% of the pre-development funds.
  • Program fit for customer. Eligible property owners looking to get a jump start on sustainable building improvements who are in need of assistance with initial funding.

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Visit the DC Green Bank website for more information on Navigator.

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