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Freddie Mac: Green Certified

Building Sector:

Multifamily Affordable Housing Multifamily Market Rate Housing

Energy Type:

Electricity Gas Water

Financial Incentives:

Loan Mortgage


Freddie Mac

Program name

Green Certified

Program summary

Discounted loan pricing for properties that have affordable rental units and already have an industry-standard green building certification.

Applicable building size



  • Incentive/funding details. Discounted loan pricing for 7- and 10-year fixed-rate Freddie Mac Multifamily Optigo loans if at least 50% of the property’s units are affordable at workforce housing levels, and has one of the industry-standard green building certifications, as listed in the term sheet.
  • Contract structure. Check with Optigo Lenders for details.
  • Amount (max, min, average). Varies by property type.
  • Tax and balance sheet. See term sheet for details.
  • Pairing with other sources. See term sheet for details.


  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Provide evidence of certification as part of the loan submission to receive the best quote.
  • Level of effort required. Part of standard loan application process.
  • Length of time to receive funding. Typical timeline for multifamily financing.

Additional information

  • Advantages. Discounted loan pricing.
  • Disadvantages. Must already have an industry-standard green building certification.
  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Property owners looking to acquire or refinance a multifamily property.
  • Program fit for customer. Are looking for better pricing on a property with rents affordable at workforce housing levels and have an industry-standard green building certification.

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