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The Hub’s new Ask the Expert series aims to answer all of your questions on high-performance buildings. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, send it to us at

How can condo boards and managers begin to tackle building performance improvements, and what are the benefits of energy efficiency beyond code compliance?

Adam Landsman, President of PulseIQ, shares tips on how to get started, and how energy efficiency improvements benefit everyone and improve the bottom line.

How did the “S” in ESG get wrapped up in building performance?

Answered by Anthony Kinslow II, Founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions.

Does adding solar to a building help meet the BEPS?

Answered by Aykut Yilmaz, Program Analyst at DC’s Department of Energy and Environment.

How do we start to measure embodied carbon in new developments?

Answered by Kirsten Smith, Sustainable Program Specialist at Sustainable Building Partners, LLC.


What are some retrofit heating applications for DC, Maryland, and Virginia?

Answered by Joe Andracchino, Senior Engineer and Energy Consultant at Steven Winters Associates.


What is the Ideal R-Value?

Answered by Gregory Wilkie, Senior Associate of Building Enclosure Performance & Analytics Lead at WSP.

What are the positive health effects of better building performance?

Answered by Nathan Stodola, Chief Engineer, International WELL Building Institute.

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