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Want to be informed about the ins-and-outs of DC’s green building regulation and its impact on buildings? Schedule a free one-hour presentation from a Hub Ambassador on DC’s Building Energy Performance Standards. This seminar will help you understand the details of the regulations, how it impacts your building(s), and actions steps to take.

Hub Ambassadors

  • Jessica Anderson, Owner/Founder, SusTrainability
  • Paul Borissow, President, Bauer Energy
  • Colleen Bucher, Regional Sales Manager – Mid-Atlantic CPACE, Forbright Bank
  • Jimmy Cahill, Sales Engineer, Havtech
  • Amanda Clevinger, Policy and Programs Manager, Bright Power
  • Shelley Cohen, Director, Clean Technology Business Development, Ameresco
  • Kelly Ebner, Sales Engineer, Critical Systems LLC
  • Curtis Glover, Project Manager, MLG Construction Management
  • Connor Heino, Jr. Applications Engineer, Complete Building Services
  • Luke Lanciano, Manager of Sustainability and Energy Management, Bernstein Management Corporation
  • Adam Landsman, President, PulseIQ
  • Jared Lyles, Mechanical Engineer, MD Energy Advisors
  • Laura Morder, Senior Associate, GHT Limited
  • Anna Murgia, Mechanical Engineer, Complete Building Services
  • Michael Rakes, Project Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
  • Julie Wolfington, Energy & Sustainability Leader, Boland
  • Andrew Zimdahl, COO, Honeydew Energy Advisors

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Do you want to become an ambassador of the Hub? We’ll hold a training session to equip you with the information to confidently explain BEPS to your clients and colleagues, give you a slide deck and script, answer your questions, and provide updates over time to make sure you’re presenting the latest-and-greatest. Sign up by filling out the form below to be informed about our next cohort.

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