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Search our database and identify the financial resources you need for your project in DC.

There are numerous incentives to fund and finance your energy efficiency projects. This database provides an overview of the major programs so you can make your project a reality.

Ask the Experts

The Hub’s new Ask the Expert series aims to answer all of your questions on high-performance buildings. If you have…

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Smart Energy Decisions Net Zero Forum

The Smart Energy Decisions Net Zero Forum takes place Sep. 12-14 in Phoenix, AZ

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Smart Energy Decisions Net Zero Forum

DCSEU Roundtable Series: BEPS & The Commercial Building Sector

Learn how to start your BEPS compliance journey and how to save energy and money at the same time.

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Climate ABC: Who Leads and What Follows?

Learn how the intersection of industry, government, and the public can lead to productive climate action.


DC Commission on Climate Change & Resiliency: Knowledge Forum and Exchange

A day of knowledge gathering and sharing on Climate Change in the District of Columbia

Past Events

If you’d like for the Hub to publicize your event, please contact us. Past events 06/29/2022 Solar and Sustainability in…

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Final DC BEPS Rulemaking

An overview of the District’s Building Energy Performance Standards

What Will It Take? Constructing Carbon-Free Buildings

This online panel discussion explores the critical role that construction plays in halting global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Constructing Carbon-free Buildings

Balancing Building Performance Risk and Reward

This webinar series, and associated materials, provides guidance for architecture and engineering design professionals on best business practices as the new Building Energy Performance Standards take effect in Washington, DC.

Predictive Energy Modeling

Get the Basics on Predictive Building Energy Modeling in DC

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