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Leveraging HVAC Solutions for Building Performance Improvements

Learn about Parity's role in contributing to better buildings in the region.

Parity, a new Hub member, provides an easy-to-use service that eliminates HVAC energy waste, reduces energy costs, improves building operations, and shrinks buildings’ GHG emissions with the goal of becoming the gold standard operating technology and service that transforms every building into a Grid-Interactive Efficient Building (GEB). We interviewed James Hannah, Managing Director and Mike Kelleher, Senior Account Manager at Parity to learn more about their role in contributing to better buildings in the region.

What is the future of DC buildings? What is the vision Parity is working towards?

Mike Kelleher & James Hannah:

The expectations we hold for our built environment have changed over time. In the past, long-term impacts like sustainability and energy usage have taken a back seat to other, more immediate priorities. The future of buildings in DC is a new approach where downstream impacts are taken seriously in every design and renovation. We can leverage new technologies to not only make great new buildings, but also turn existing buildings into smart, resilient places to live and work. Solutions are available that allow us to execute this vision in an environmentally friendly and financially beneficial way to building owners and developers. We are thrilled to be a part of this transition.

Parity acts as a bridge between these two places by allowing buildings to make intelligent and energy-efficient use of existing HVAC systems, whether the equipment is new and top of the line, or on its last legs. We remotely and dynamically automate the control of HVAC systems to maximize energy performance, improve resident comfort, and reduce maintenance issues in the buildings we service. We then act as a partner to our clients through any additional renovations as resident HVAC experts.

The future of buildings in DC is a new approach where downstream impacts are taken seriously in every design and renovation.
Mike Kelleher & James Hannah, Parity

What is Parity’s role in helping improve building performance and lower carbon emissions?

Mike Kelleher & James Hannah:

Parity improves buildings’ performance by applying intelligent control software to their HVAC systems. We are not a BMS company here to install extensive control hardware throughout a building. We are also not an energy management company providing daily instructions for the maintenance staff to manually action. We install only the devices that are needed to take direct control of the HVAC equipment with our machine-learning algorithms to ensure the operation of the system always matches the needs of the building. We are essentially retro-commissioning each building every 5 minutes to cut out energy waste that is inherent in so many multifamily buildings.

Our approach is customized for each building we service. Generally, we combine constant inputs like occupancy level, outdoor temperature, CO2 levels, sunshine, and humidity with past performance data to inform our controls approach. This allows our control algorithms to learn from past decisions and their results to improve their performance continuously. Also, we can generate savings during demand response events by instantly decreasing the energy needs of the building while controlling to maintain occupant comfort.

How are you helping clients navigate DC’sBEPS?

Mike Kelleher & James Hannah:

The most direct way we help our clients with BEPS is by reducing their total energy consumption in multifamily buildings by 5-15% without them needing to replace major mechanical systems. This is enough to make significant ENERGY STAR score improvements for buildings with scores in the middle of the range and can be an opportunity to achieve the BEPS required score of 67 without any major renovations. Before installation, we do detailed energy modeling and savings calculations backed by our financial guarantee. Our clients know the outcomes to expect before undertaking the project.

It only takes a couple of months from initial conversations to have our service up and running. So, for buildings in need of greater overall savings, we can be a valuable first step in their journey to compliance. Our service gives immediate energy savings then we can help develop a data-backed capital improvement plan for the building so our clients have clear next steps to achieve their goals.

What are you excited about for your partnership with the Building Innovation Hub?

Mike Kelleher & James Hannah:

We’re excited about the community that develops around the Hub’s events. It’s inspiring to see so many capable individuals from the various facets of the building energy community coming together to tackle this problem. It also provides a great opportunity for building owners to discuss what they have seen work and discuss approaches available that others have not previously considered. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for building energy consumption. The Hub is a great outlet for industry professionals and building owners alike to come together to collaborate, share ideas, and develop unique solutions.

The Building Innovation Hub’s wider presence through the Institute of Market Transformation’s programs ensures that we’re not only getting the best approaches to tackle this problem from the best in the district but from around the best in the country. It provides a central channel to communicate valuable information to those in the district who need it but may not have the exposure or expertise to take action.

About Parity
James Hannah (Managing Director, U.S.) leads the U.S. business for Parity – an HVAC Optimization as a Service company, focused on multifamily residential buildings and hotels. His career has been concentrated on accelerating the adoption of clean energy solutions within the real estate sector, especially for multifamily investors and property managers. He’s worked closely with many of the largest real estate companies in the country and has advised governments, utilities, and other stakeholders on energy-related policy matters. Prior to joining Parity in 2021, James spent 10 years at Bright Power where he held several positions, including Chief Customer Officer. Prior to Bright Power, James held positions in the renewable energy and financial services sectors. James holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mike Kelleher (Senior Account Manager, DMV) represents Parity for all DMV sales and business development efforts. He has spent his career driving energy-efficient HVAC designs in the higher education, federal, and multifamily markets in the DC area. Within Parity, he works with local condominiums, apartments, and hotels to help reduce their utility bills and GHG emissions through HVAC optimization. Before joining Parity, Mike worked as a Consulting Engineer Account Executive at Johnson Controls for 5 years. He designed and sold commercial HVAC equipment and building automation systems (BAS) within DC’s mechanical engineering community. Mike holds a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland.

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