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Third-Party Benchmarking Data Verifier Scope of Work

To help confirm the accuracy of your building’s data

*Update: The District of Columbia Council (Council) passed emergency legislation to extend the District’s Benchmarking and Third-Party Data Verification deadlines for reporting 2023 data from April 1, 2024 to July 1, 2024. This extension is applies to this current cycle only. The next annual benchmarking deadline for 2024 data is April 1, 2025, and third-party verification is on a 3 year cycle. 

Accurate benchmarking data is key to understanding, and quantifying, how buildings use energy and water. It is also essential in identifying the level of action potentially required under the District of Columbia’s Building Energy Performance Standards. Verifying a building’s benchmarking data will also allow decision-makers to understand where there are opportunities to improve performance.

Building owners in the District are required to obtain third-party verification of benchmarking data from an approved verifier beginning in 2024 for data submitted for 2023. Verification is required every three years thereafter and would be submitted as part of the benchmarking report by the July 1, 2024 deadline.

To support you as you navigate data verification compliance, the Hub has created a sample Third-Party Benchmarking Data Verifier scope of work (SOW). You can download this editable SOW to use as a guide when hiring an approved verifier. For additional support, consult our companion how-to guide to help with hiring a vendor, providing supporting good data, and other tips for navigating the verification process.

Note that this is a Building Innovation Hub resource, developed with DOEE input. However, it is intended only as a guide and does not guarantee compliance with the District’s requirements and laws. It is, ultimately, the responsibility of the individual Property and data Verifier to complete the verification according to the District’s regulations.

Developed with DOEE input, the Hub has created a sample Third-Party Benchmarking Data Verifier scope of work (SOW) to help you navigate data verification compliance.

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Read this guide for using the scope of work and confirming the accuracy of your building’s data.

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