Funding & Financing

Search our database and identify the financial resources you need for your project in DC.

There are numerous incentives to fund and finance your energy efficiency projects. This database provides an overview of the major programs so you can make your project a reality.

Building Electrification and the 2017 DC Energy Conservation Code

What to know about the 2017 District of Columbia Energy Conservation Code–Commercial Provisions.

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Compliance with BEPS: April 1, 2023

Get the details on what's required by the first BEPS Compliance Cycle deadline on April 1, 2023.

Request a BEPS Presentation

Request a BEPS presentation for your office or team from one of our Hub Ambassadors.

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BEPS Compliance Pathway Timelines

Compliance pathway deadlines you should know about for DC's Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS).

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BEPS Compliance Pathway Wizard

Answer a few simple questions to understand your BEPS compliance pathway options.

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Understanding BEPS

A suite of tools to help you understand DC's Building Energy Performance Standards.

Event Takeaways: Where DC’s Building Codes Meets BEPS

Top takeways from our webinar with Kim Cheslak on DC's codes and how they intersect with the District's Building Energy Performance Standards

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An Overview of the BEPS Guidebook

A plain-speak overview of the final BEPS Compliance Guidebook.

DC Benchmarking Regulations

Learn what the Benchmarking requirements in DC are and the process for doing it.

BEPS Standards and Compliance Rules Finalized

A detailed summary of the final BEPS compliance regulations, the Standards per property type, and updates to the Benchmarking requirements.

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