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BEPS Compliance Pathway Timelines

Milestones and requirements for each pathway


A building that does not meet the Standard for its property type at the beginning of the BEPS Period enters into a 5-year Compliance Cycle. The building owner must select a Compliance Pathway and complete the building performance and reporting requirements throughout the Cycle. There are multiple Pathways for a building owner to choose from based on that building’s unique circumstances.

These timelines outline the specific deadlines and reporting requirements associated with each Compliance Pathway to help you understand the implications and major milestones of each Pathway.

The Compliance Pathways

Click on one of the pathways below to view its relevant deadlines and requirements.

Principal Compliance Pathways

  • Performance Pathway. The most straightforward Pathway option, it requires a Site EUI reduction of 20%.
  • Standard Target Pathway. For specific buildings only, buildings must meet or exceed the Standard for their Property Type.
  • Prescriptive Pathway. For people who wish to mitigate risk, this is an action-based approach that requires completing a prescribed approach to energy savings, working in collaboration with DOEE.

Alternative Compliance Pathway Options

BEPS Compliance Pathway Wizard

Use this tool to help select a compliance pathway

The Process

The general process of compliance is the same no matter which Pathway a building owner chooses. Early in the Cycle, an owner is required to select a Pathway. During the Cycle, the building owner implements energy efficiency measures and/or makes operational changes to satisfy the specific energy performance and reporting/verification requirements of the approved Pathway. By the end of the Cycle, the building owner must meet the energy performance requirements and demonstrate successful implementation of the approved Pathway.

DOEE evaluates the building against the Pathway’s requirements to determine if compliance was achieved. If compliance was not achieved, the building will be subject to a penalty and DOEE may pursue enforcement against the building owner.

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